Our Manufacture started to raise the old Haban fiance since more than 20 years. We are committed about the old pottery methods and habits. We producing our fine peaces as the old craftsmen 500 years ago.

Our ornamental pieces from the first working phase until the last one, all of them made by hand work. In first phase we create the basic patterns of ceramics. With the help of these patterns we form the final look on disks. After these works, the ready forms needs to burn out in furnaces on very high temperature.

Special white ceramics paintings follows the basic patterns burning works, obtains the desired colorfull motives before getting dry then, ornaments, signatures the ornamental piece. The colors are dull in this phase. The paintings are 100% handpainted!

After the white basis and motive paintings the products get into a furnace again where their definitive appearance is received on 970 degrees, the final looks comes out during the last burning period, together with the original habán colour world. The shopper receives this definitive form already.

Onto our largest honour, The hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry honored our products as Masterpiece of Hungarian Craft in 2002.

Our products also obtained the classification of 100% manual painting beside this.

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Habán Kerámia - Hungarian Tradition Pottery Manufacture


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